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TV Box Analog CCTV receivers laptop computer to watch TV when the TV card




1: Using the latest high-performance integrated tuner demodulator

2 .Quasi-RFAntenna port , convenient connections

3: All standard tuner . CompatibleNTSC / PAL / SECAMTV system , universal

4:10Bit Video DecoderImage sharper , more vibrant colors

5: Built-in high quality stereoAudio ADCWithout the need for sound recording , easier to use

6: Audience noise . Anti- interlaced display , complete elimination of the screen glitch

7: Innovative TimeShift function , so you will not miss any wonderful program

8: Soft pressure recording/Pause function , easy to skip commercials , saving hard disk space

9: Free zoom image window (4:3Or16:9) Or full screen to watch TV

10: WithOSDFunction, the screen display state. Graphics settings menu

11: With16Screen TV wall, easily preview TV shows

12: Multiple sets of programs scheduled recording . An appointment time can be several different programs

13: High -quality compression engine , compressibleMPEG-1,2Format , easy to createVCD.DVD

14:Offers video playback, picture preview

15: SupportBMP,JPGCapture image format

16: A full range of support systemsXP. VISTASupportWIN7System

Take home an analog CCTV to PC / laptop to watch TV , do not need to buy a TV convenient and comfortable , and instantly became a super laptop TV , save money and enjoy more convenient .


Listen to FM radio through with a small antenna : There is a feeling that spread through the air music radio `` `` Are familiar voice brought back fond memories .


TV box just to play a role in the conversion , that is, your computer into a TV set, and then followed by an outdoor antenna or cable TV signal , etc. , before they can watch TV. The effect of watching television is dependent upon the strength and clarity of the signal , the signal is strong, the effect is like received , the signal is weak , the result will be worse , oh. We recommend that you use the TV box when equipped with good quality closed-circuit line, or add a cable signal amplifier used together , so the effect will be improved



Also for the home computer , no TV , but they want to watch TV programs for troubled you, from this moment , I can help you to solve the troubles of this product ,As long as you have the following equipment at home , you can use our products and watch television . When using a computer to a TV to watch TV , read the following pro product description .

1: If your home has a TV antenna , TV antenna generally two types , one is an outdoor antenna. This outdoor antenna generally rural relatively more. The second is closed antennas ( also known as TV antenna ) , if you have any of these two antennas antenna which then can be used in our products .

2: If you are using a set-top box at home , is the kind of digital set-top box , you also can use our products. Our products can be converted to a digital TV set-top box output signal to the computer . Such transfer will achieve a computer to watch TV set-top boxes .

3: GUO your home , if you GUO there any set-top box ( also called a receiver ) , then you can also use our products.

4: With the above conditions can all be using our products. Note : Many guests ask us. Our products can receive the number of units or units received clear not clear, :A: How many units can receive depends on your antenna , an antenna connected to the TV above you is how many units can receive a number of units . There is an antenna connected to the TV which is how you clear there is more clear.

5: Increased functionality : This product can also be connectedDVD,VCD,DVR, VCR , monitor machine and so on, as long as thereAVThe interface and video output devices can convert their videos to the computer point of view . Oh, and you can also record.

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