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Price BDT 375 - BDT 136500


RONGTA RT-368 Rongta Barcode Scanner - Black
BDT 4,200.00Ex Tax: BDT 4,200.00

New Model-RT 368Rongta RT 368 laser barcode scanner has single scan line scan pattern, scan pattern ..

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Update Collection City Barcode Scanner SL-8371 - Black and Yellow
BDT 8,548.00Ex Tax: BDT 8,548.00

About SL-8371 Barcode ScannerSL-8371 Barcode Scanner is laser Decoding, It is efficient for scanning..

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Brother ADS-2100 High Speed Duplex Document Scanner With ADF r
BDT 33,600.00Ex Tax: BDT 33,600.00

Additional InformationBrandBrotherModelBrother ADS-2100TypeHigh Speed Duplex Document ScannerResolut..

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Epson WorkForce DS-50000 A3 Flatbed Document Scanner r
BDT 136,500.00Ex Tax: BDT 136,500.00

Additional InformationBrandEpsonModelEpson WorkForce DS-50000 A3TypeFlatbed ScannerResolution600 x 6..

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FABER CASTELL Orange Text Line 10-Piece
BDT 375.00Ex Tax: BDT 375.00

FABER CASTELL text leanerColor: OrangeInteresting designsHigh quality..

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Honeywell 1200G Barcode Scanner(R)
BDT 10,350.00Ex Tax: BDT 10,350.00

Additional InformationBrandHoneywellModelHoneywell 1200GDepth of field5 mil (Code 39), 7.5 mil (Code..

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Honeywell Barcode Scanner MS1900 (0)Honeywell Barcode Scanner MS1900 (0)Sold out
Honeywell Barcode Scanner MS1900 (0)
BDT 27,300.00Ex Tax: BDT 27,300.00

Brand: HoneywellDescription:Honeywell's Xenon 1900, the sixth-generation of area-imaging technol..

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Honeywell Eclipse 5145 (O)Honeywell Eclipse 5145 (O)Sold out
Honeywell Eclipse 5145 (O)
BDT 4,800.00Ex Tax: BDT 4,800.00

Brand: HoneywellDescription:MECHANICAL Dimensions (LxWxH)- 169 mm x 63 mm x 51 mm (6.7 in x 2.5..

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Honeywell Voyager 1200g (O)Honeywell Voyager 1200g (O)Sold out
Honeywell Voyager 1200g (O)
BDT 10,800.00Ex Tax: BDT 10,800.00

SCAN PERFORMANCEScan Pattern-Area Image (640 x 480 pixel array)Motion Tolerance-Up to 10 cm/s (4 in/..

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Honeywell Voyager 1202g-bf (O)Honeywell Voyager 1202g-bf (O)Sold out
Honeywell Voyager 1202g-bf (O)
BDT 25,300.00Ex Tax: BDT 25,300.00

Honeywell Voyager 1202g-bf barcode scannerInterface Bluetooth 2.1Barcodes GS1 DataBarPrint Contrast ..

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Honeywell Voyager 1250G Barcode Scanner(r)
BDT 6,720.00Ex Tax: BDT 6,720.00

Additional InformationBrandHoneywellModelHoneywell Voyager 1250GDepth of field5 mil, 7.50 mil, 10.40..

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Honeywell Voyager 9520 & VoyagerCG 9540 (O)Honeywell Voyager 9520 & VoyagerCG 9540 (O)Sold out
Honeywell Voyager 9520 & VoyagerCG 9540 (O)
BDT 10,800.00Ex Tax: BDT 10,800.00

MECHANICALDimensions (LxWxH)-198 mm x 78 mm x 56 mm (7.8 in x 3.1 in x 2.2 in)Weight-149 g (5.3 oz)E..

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Posiflex PD2800 Pole Display Scanner r
BDT 9,660.00Ex Tax: BDT 9,660.00

Additional InformationBrandPosiflexModelPosiflex PD2800Interface (Built-in)USB virtual COM portDimen..

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Printer Ink 1 Set
BDT 750.00Ex Tax: BDT 750.00

printer ink* refill ink ,color fly ,brand ink* perfect use for epson L 110/120/130/210/200/220/360/3..

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Zebex Z-3100 (O)Zebex Z-3100 (O)Sold out
Zebex Z-3100 (O)
BDT 3,550.00Ex Tax: BDT 3,550.00

Zebex Z-3100 Barcode ScannerZ-3100 is the upgraded version of ZEBEX middle-range handheld CCD scanne..

Sold out
Zebex Z-3100U Barcode Scanner(R)
BDT 3,360.00Ex Tax: BDT 3,360.00

Additional InformationBrandZebexModelZebex Z-3100UOptical systemLinear CCD arrayDepth of field0 - 60..

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Zebex Z-3151HS (O)Zebex Z-3151HS (O)Sold out
Zebex Z-3151HS (O)
BDT 9,300.00Ex Tax: BDT 9,300.00

Brand: HoneywellDescription:The Z-3151HS is a high class handheld single-line laser scanner with a p..

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Zebex Z-3151HS Handheld High Speed Barcode Scanner(R)
BDT 8,610.00Ex Tax: BDT 8,610.00

Additional InformationBrandZebexModelZebex Z-3151HSOptical systemLaserDepth of field50 - 110mm (5 mi..

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Zebex Z-3220 Barcode Scanner(R)
BDT 2,840.00Ex Tax: BDT 2,840.00

Additional InformationBrandZebexModelZebex Z-3220Optical system2, 500 pixel linear sensorDepth of fi..

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Zebex Z-3250 (O)Zebex Z-3250 (O)Sold out
Zebex Z-3250 (O)
BDT 10,500.00Ex Tax: BDT 10,500.00

Brand: ZebexModel: Zebex Z-3250BTType: Wireless Barcode ScannerResolution: N/ABar Code Scan Speed: 3..

Sold out
Zebex Z-3250BT Wireless Barcode Scanner(R)
BDT 10,290.00Ex Tax: BDT 10,290.00

Additional InformationBrandZebexModelZebex Z-3250BTOptical systemLinear CCD arrayDepth of field50 - ..

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Zebex Z-3272 2D Image Gun Type Handheld Barcode Scanner(R)
BDT 14,180.00Ex Tax: BDT 14,180.00

Additional InformationBrandZebexModelZebex Z-3272Optical system1280H x 800V pixels (1.0M)Depth of fi..

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Zebex Z-6070 (O)Zebex Z-6070 (O)Sold out
Zebex Z-6070 (O)
BDT 21,300.00Ex Tax: BDT 21,300.00

Brand: ZebexDescription: Zebex Z-6070 USB hands-free dual laser POS barcode scanner. This Zebex barc..

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ZEBRA DS4208 (O)ZEBRA DS4208 (O)Sold out
ZEBRA DS4208 (O)
BDT 18,800.00Ex Tax: BDT 18,800.00

Brand: zebraDescription: ZEBRA DS4208 Barcode scanner SR (Standard Range) designed for intensiv..

Sold out
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