Pulse Oximiter

Pulse Oximiter

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Product details of Pulse Oximiter



Display mode:true color high resolution OLED display

Blood oxygen saturation measurement range:36~99%


Pulse rate:30bpm~250bpm

Power:2×1.5V 7alkaline battery

Working current:30mA~80mA

Weight:about 54g(without battery)

Size:about 70mmX35mmX34mm

Bluetooth function:optional

Description:The nail oximeter is small in size, low in power consumption, easy to use, and easy to carry. As long as the finger is inserted into the finger-type photoelectric sensor, the device collects the data through a light-sensitive detector and then displays the measurement on the indicator. Clinical trials have shown high accuracy and repeatability. The nail oximeter can also be used to measure heartbeat, and its function is also very good.


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