Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro

Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro

Brand: Samsung


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Designing the Golden Age

Designed with a focus on functionality, Galaxy J2 Pro offers an impressive curvature design that creates a firm grip and is comfortable to use. With various color schemes, you can easily choose colors that match your personality.

* The color of the phone may vary by country and region.

Lifelike Life

Colors are lifelike. Galaxy J2 Pro brings a 5-inch sAMOLED premium display capable of reproducing the RGB color system, providing a true-to-life visual experience. High contrast ratio (100,000: 1) makes your multimedia experience even better.

* The image is simulated. Photos taken with Galaxy J2 Pro may be different in practice.

Save All Moments In Life

Save every moment of life. With Galaxy J2 Pro, the simplified camera function makes it easy to capture every photo moment. The intuitive, clear interface allows quick conversion operations and access to different image modes with a simple slide operation.

Simple Shooting Operation

Simple than ever to save every moment. Intuitive motion shutter button helps you perform easy and stable shooting operations. Simply drag the shutter button left or right to zoom in or out of the frame when taking photos with the rear camera.

Convenient Wi-Fi Converter

Save time when connecting to Wi-Fi. Galaxy J2 Pro stores used Wi-Fi information, automatically turns on / off the connection when accessing / exiting access points. Enjoy seamless connection circuit, while reducing the amount of data LTE uses when moving in or out of Wi-Fi zones.

* Users may encounter a device that responds slowly when accessing or exiting certain Wi-Fi areas, depending on the Wi-Fi environment.

Dual Messaging Account

Customize messaging your way. Galaxy J2 Pro allows users to set up two different accounts on the same Messenger. You can install and manage the second Messenger account at the same time from the main screen and the installer.

* This function may depend on the messaging application and service provider in the respective countries.  May not be available on single SIM devices.

Synchronize Your World

Provide a seamless manager for your favorite content. Samsung Cloud allows you to backup, sync, restore and upgrade data via Galaxy smartphone. Access anywhere, anytime, to everything you need.

* The availability of storage services and plans may vary depending on the country, service provider or environment in which you live.

Private Folder

Samsung's Secure Folder feature gives you a robust security solution by providing a fully encrypted and private space to store and hide content such as images, documents and files. Recording under an additional layer of protection that only you can access.

* Availability of services depends on encrypted content.  ** Security Folder separates memory at software level without additional space.


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