Samsung Galaxy J8

Samsung Galaxy J8

Brand: Samsung


20 Quantity Available


Product details of Samsung Galaxy J8


The Samsung Galaxy J8 smartphone marks the evolution of mobile technology. Embedded with Qualcomm Octa core processor, the smartphone aims to keep you a step ahead in this fast-paced world. You can run large files and applications on the smartphone without encountering any lags. Furthermore, a 4GB RAM

enables you to run many apps at a time and easily switch among them. Thanks to an Android operating system embedded into the smartphone, you are in for exceptional user experience. Also, with 64GB internal memory, there will always be space for more data.

Moreover, the Samsung smartphone also features a 6inch screen, which boasts of the Super AMOLED display technology to enrich a picture with vibrant colors and optimal sharpness. Equipped with high-resolution front and rear cameras, the Samsung smartphone gives you a reason to explore your photography skills. Furthermore, the smartphone also sports a 3500mAh battery that lets you go on and on. The smartphone also boasts of dual-SIM support and 4G LTE connectivity to facilitate parallel channels of communication and faster access to the Internet. In addition to these factors, a bold black finish on the smartphone goes well with its sleek design.


Infinity Display

Explore the unseen

The Super AMOLED Infinity display of the new Galaxy J8 offers a one-of-a-kind viewing experience. It delivers stunning colour reproduction and deep contrasts. The 18.5:9 display ratio gives a massive viewing area.