rechargeable cordless screw driver

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Pistol Driver:
Voltage: 3.6/4.8Volts(DC)
Torque: 3 NM
Speed(No load): 180RPM/Min

AC Adapter:
Input: 220-240 Volts(AC)/50Hz
Output: 5/6 Volts(DC)/300-400mA
Charging time: 3-5 hours(max 7 hours)
LpA: 63dB(A)
LwA: 74dB(A)
Vibration: 2.5m/s²

1. Insert the bit into the chunk until it snaps into place.
2. Graps the tool firmly with both hands, align the bit with screw and press it firmly into the screw.
3. Start the tool by squeezing the Forward/Reverse teigger switch.(*Press the top of the switch to turn the screw Forward, press the bottom of the switch to Reverse the screw.)

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